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When Iker Met Sara

If there is one genre of film that I can’t stand it is the romantic comedy. Sure some are not terrible (like As Good As It Gets, Love Actually, or even When Harry Met Sally), but all in all it is the most predictable type of film that hits theatres and nearly every one is the exact same in its premise. For example the general plot summary of a chick flick is: guy meets girl, girl falls in love with guy, guy acts like an idiot or is tricked by evil woman, girl leaves guy, guy wins girl back in time for the credits to role.

But this summer in the World Cup the tale was a little bit more original in Spain’s football camp. And Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero’s highly publicized relationship is truly worthy of a Hollywood film.

The celebrity couple’s on-air-antics over the last month is the stuff of any romantic comedy and soon some Hollywood producer will take advantage of the tumultuous tale of two passionate lovers in conflicting professions at the world‘s most highly anticipated football match. After all Casillas is the world renowned athlete respected by millions and expected to be shine on the world’s biggest stage. And Carbonero is the sexy, sideline journalist eager to pounce on any mistake from any player on the pitch in her post game interview.

And of course we all remember the first act of the romantic comedy when Iker botched a slowly rolling shot in that Switzerland match that left one girlfriend asking him, “Why did you muck that one up?” Casillas was rightfully taken aback by the harshness of the journalist’s usage of words and had to take a moment to collect his thoughts before shamefully giving an answer to the reporter. And of course the media built up the drama by partially blaming his lady for the mistake and claiming her presence near the goal post distracted him on the play.

Well in the final act the keeper would get the girl once again after hoisting the World Cup. And how would Iker strike back at his saucy reporter girlfriend? Well in a similar attacking method that she laid on him. Iker planted one right on the lips of Miss Carbonero right when she was in the middle of asking the goalie a question following the match. The world renowned keeper was at a loss of words while explaining his joy for winning the World Cup and then in a brief moment leaned in and gave his woman a big smack on the lips. Sara Carbonero smiled a bit at the surprise of the gesture, but you could tell that the tables had been turned on the pretty lady and she was now the professional that was somewhat embarrassed by her significant other on national TV.

It was a fitting end to the Cup for Casillas. He won the match and got the girl.