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What’s the Future For The Hunter?

Another twist and tale could likely happen for Ac Milan’s striker Klass Jan Huntelaar’s future as the rumors about him never seems to stop with the latest one coming from the press suggesting that he could be involved in another swap deal this time between Milan and Bayern Muenchen. According to the media the Dutch international could switch club with Germany’s top striker Miroslav Klose, this scenario wouldn’t be the first being voiced out by the media as there have been many similar swap deal being linked with Huntelaar lately.

Just like many previous swap rumors that includes Huntelaar, I am still very skeptic of this latest switch with Klose being nothing than just another same speculation. My doubt is not based on Milan’s management latest statement that keep on insisting they won’t sell the Hunter, but simply because I’m not sure the Rossoneri has any interest in getting Klose, who probably isn’t the kind of player that Berlusconi or Galliani would consider as champion.

Although the potential of him moving to Bayern, isn’t actually an impossible move because Van Gaal seems to have a soft spot for the former Ajax and Real Madrid striker. However, it would seem that getting a cash deal for the 26-years-old would be a better option for Milan rather than taking the swap deal, as the money can be used to fund their own transfer market next summer. Certainly, getting more than 15 million Euro for Hunt won’t be an easy thing for Milan especially with the fact the he fail to impress at the club last season.

It looks like this world cup could be one of the deciding factor for Huntelaar’s future in Milan’s next summer, getting good games or some goals could give some thought for the Rossoneri’s management in deciding whether Hunt should stay or not. However, surely the most important factor for the striker’s future would be on the hands of the Italian giant’s new coach as he should be the one deciding who should stay or leave the club.