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What’s His Excuse This Time?

I feel for Chelsea fans who yet again had to endure another loss 2-0 home loss to Liverpool last night. I mean the first loss although hard to accept was a bit understandable, however, suffering a similar loss with an identical scoreline to the same team in less than 2 weeks is simply unacceptable.

Now you won’t even believe what Villas-Boas reasons for last night’s loss are According to Villas-Boas, Chelsea fans are the reason why the team is performing so poorly.

Villas-Boas believes that the anxiety of the homes fans is rubbing off on the players and hence their performances.

“We need to get our fans behind us and get the emotions right,” the coach said.

“You can feel Stamford Bridge has become anxious about Chelsea playing at home.

“We therefore need support. We need atmosphere to get us past this period. We have two big games at home where we need our fans behind us and I’m sure they’ll do exactly that.

“Away from home we have been much more solid statistically and as a team – that is a fact.”

This is the worst spell Chelsea have had in over 6 years and the club will need to start making hard choices if they are to restore their pride and dignity. The Blues have lost for the third time in four home matches and despite the silence of Ambramovich, many believe that Villa-Boas is walking on egg shells and his tenure with the club will be ending soon.

Truth be said, Torres should be sold or loaned out. It almost a year since he joined Chelsea and i can count the number of goals he has scored for the club on one hand. It’s time to realise that he was a bad investment just like with Shevchenko back in 2006.

Moreover, the club needs an experienced coach not one who is still learning the ropes. In any case, Villas-Boas should have stayed with Porto because many now see that the shoes he was left to fill are too big.

It will be amazing to see how Chelsea recover from this latest loss. The result comes at a time when the Blues are preparing to host Valencia in a must win fixture in just a week’s time.

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