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What’s His Excuse This Time?

Despite readily taking responsibility whenever Chelsea record a negative result and claiming to have unconditional backing from club executives, Villas-Boas is treading on very thin ice.

A 1-1 home draw against Birmingham in FA Cup 5th round fixture yesterday is continuing to fuel reports that AVB could be on his way out of London as early as May.

It was also another unimpressive outing for Fernando Torres who failed to make any meaningful impact on the game forcing AVB to substitute him at half time.

Truth be said, with Chelsea’s current performances, a win against Napoli later this week in their first leg knockout stage fixture in Naples. And to make matters worse for AVB, these are the only two  tournaments he has a real chance of winning any silverware.

Speaking to ESPN Villas-Boas downplayed the whole issue choosing instead to focus on their upcoming fixtures including their replay against Birmingham.

“It’s a poor result of course but an excellent performance in the second half, the team was willing to try and find the ball. 1-1 is not to be expected but it gives us another chance at Birmingham to pick up a win and try to win the trophy.”

When asked about the backing of his future based on the team’s results, Villas-Boas responded that it unconditional and that he was not in any danger of losing his job.

I guess the only reason why Abramovich has been so quiet in this whole affair is because he does not know what to do. After sacking some of Chelsea’s best coaches for reasons no one knows, the Blues have struggled and will continue to struggle until Abramovich realises that success does not happen overnight.

With even a top four finish slowly slipping between his fingers, this could be Chelsea’s worst season in their modern history.

Photo Credit © Anuvrat