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What next for Carlos Tevez?

The diminutive Argentinian striker has accepted the fine of two weeks wages imposed on him by Manchester City. Carlos Tevez had recourse to appeal the fine but opted not to. Might it be that the striker has accepted his punishment, which totals close to half a million pounds (or approximately three quarters of a million dollars), with a hope of forcing his way back into his managers reckoning?

Carlos Tevez has not been named in a Manchester City squad, or even come close to, since the debacle at the Allianz Arena in Munich when Manchester City faced Bayern Munich in the Champions League group stage match day two. That evening Carlos Tevez was summoned off the bench by the Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini. Originally named as a substitute the striker was asked to warm up and prepare to enter the pitch. Carlos Tevez allegedly refused to warm up. The suggestions are that Carlos Tevez was dissatisfied at only being a substitute and only being asked to come on to the pitch in the final quarter of the match, at which point Manchester City were already two goals down.

After the match, in response to Carlos Tevez’s supposed refusal to warm up in preparation for playing, the manager, Roberto Mancini, said that the player would never again play for the club whilst he was manager. Carlos Tevez, it seemed, was on the way out. Now, however, it appears the player and his array of backroom advisers are politicking for his return. The acceptance of the fine suggest Carlos Tevez is trying to make amends. The player is supposedly on big wages and so the number of clubs that could afford to sign the star player are quite limited. Originally a Manchester City hero, the Argentinian striker now finds himself in a position where the club’s fans have turned against him and he has limited options in terms of finding a move away from the club.

A fan favourite at Boca Juniors and Corinthians, respectively Argentinian and Brazilian clubs, the striker has been at Manchester City since 2009. He has scored 43 goals in 65 Premiership matches, or 52 goals in 84 matches in total. Carlos Tevez was part of the team that won the FA Cup for Manchester City. Prior to that the star striker played at Manchester United where he won a couple of Premiership titles and the UEFA Champions League. Now the striker is at a crossroads in his career. What next for Carlos Tevez?