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Werder Bremen deny rumors of club reaching agreement with Barcelona over Mesut Ozil

There were reports coming out of Spanish paper El Pais that claimed Barcelona had reached a agreement with Bundesliga club Werder Bremen which would see Mesut Ozil make the switch to the Spanish side for a reported €10 million.

However this does not seem to be the case.

Director of the Budesliga club -Klaus Allofs- went on to state earlier today that no such deal has been made and that the speculation with Ozil making the switch to Camp Nou is all “Nonsense”.

“There is no agreement with Barca.” said Allofs about the rumors of Ozil.

In addition to the director denying the rumor, Ozil himself spoke out earlier today as well saying toBild the following :

“I know nothing. I have spoken to no one.”

Although Allofs may be denying the rumors of Ozil making the switch to Barcelona, this does not mean that he may not sell the player in the future. Ozil has been a name that has definitely grown into the popularity following his showing for Germany in the World Cup and along-side many other of the German players, Ozil is one player who may very well make the switch to a big named club.

“It is possible that there is now a bit of movement in the issue, but I am not running backwards and forwards to the fax machine or getting sweaty palms when I check my emails to see if maybe an offer has arrived.” said Allof to Kreiszeitung Syke papers.

So who are some other clubs that have shared some interest in the German player ?

It was said that Manchester United, Real Madrid and even Chelsea are looking to have interest in Ozil and Manchester United are looking to be the front-runners for Ozil.

Who do you see Ozil possibly signing with ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.