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Well, At Least I Was Right About Lyon

Somehow I just knew that Lyon was going to beat Real Madrid.  Now the question becomes:

How far does Real Madrid fall?  They had a nice chance to get an “in” by beating Lyon.  Lyon wasn’t playing like they did last season and Real Madrid isn’t horrible…just disorderly.  Now they have to do this all over again on March 10th.  Madrid will be at home, but does that really make the difference?

They don’t seem to perform well on the road, and that may help in their second match with Lyon.  However, Lyon’s had some bad losses at home.  So, in essence, they kind of redeemed themselves by beating Madrid at home in the Champion’s League.

Hmmm.  Interesting conundrum.  Real Madrid even has a loss at home in the Champion’s League.  It’s like asking “Who’s coming to dinner?”  Because that’s what I really want to know.

Who’s coming on March 10th.  Is it the Real Madrid that keeps hanging with Barca in the Spanish Premier Division or is it the Real Madrid that inexplicably gets drawn by Osasuna at home?

If were talking Lyon…who comes to dinner?  Is it the Lyon that’s 8 points behind 1st place in Ligue 1?  Or, is it the Lyon that can pull a 5-5 draw against Marseille?  Attacking WOULD be a good idea, but each of these teams is a little schizophrenic.

My best guess is that Lyon takes care of business.  There’s something that tells me Real Madrid is losing its will.  You ever watch figure skating and the dude falls down after a jump?  He knows it’s totally over for him and you can just see it in his face?

I think Real Madrid might be there right now.  They aren’t “out of it”, but I think they FEEL out of it.  That feeling has got to be hard to shake.