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We Need To Go With What We Know

309/365 - its so they cant read your miiiiind maaaaan.
Creative Commons License photo credit: B Rosen

Let’s use our heads people!

There seems to be some confusion over what some people thought were harsh and uninformed comments about Fabio Capello.  Listen, I know what a good Soccer mind is and that’s not at question.  I know he won Serie A like 5000 times.  I get it!  Here’s the problem:  What do we know now?

For example:  Liverpool starts there Europa League campaign today.  They saay they’re ready to breakout from this pathetic season.  Do you believe them?  I’m going with what I know…they’ll have a hard time.

Real Madrid is gunning for another United player and all I can do is go with what I know.  They’re a bad version of the Yankees in Soccer.  They can collect all the talent in the world and it won’t matter.  Do you REALLY think they’ll catch up to Barca?

So, when Fabio Capello creates a firestorm around his English National Team by stripping John Terry of his captaincy instead of being smart and getting the whole team together and doing some “damage control” I can only have one reaction:

What’s happening right now is stupid.  You can tell me he won Serie A 10,000 times and you’d get the same answer from me.  He’s being an idiot NOW.  Not yesterday.  Yesterday he was a genius.  Today…he’s foolish.

Look at Real Madrid.  You can tell me they’ve won LaLiga 5 million times (I’m not looking up the stats by the way) and it won’t matter.  Right now…they are moving in the wrong direction with the wrong intent. 

I can only work off the knowledge I have right now.  Right now they’re trying to cannibalize other teams in hopes of fixing internal problems that they have.  That’s dumb.  What else can we say?

For future.  Let’s think about what’s going on right now.  We can romanticize the past…but that was then and this is now.