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Was Maradona The Right Man For Argentina?

Argentina yesterday Hammered World Champions Spain 4-1 in Buenoa Aires. This result has of course raised questions on whether the country’s football legend Diego Maradona was the right man to coach the national team.

Winning their first game under caretaker coach Sergio Batista resoundingly does question the tactics used by former coach Diego Maradona. In my opinion, Maradona was never the right person for the job. Passion alone is not enough to ensure success.

Maradona might have had his heart in the right place but his off pitch antics and coaching technique were not right. In their qualifying matches for the World Cup, Maradona used over 100 players and as a result almost failed to make the cut in the South American group.

Teams that should have otherwise been easy opponents ended up humiliating the giants. In the quarter final stage of the tournament. Germany beat Argentina by 4 goals to 0. Not because they were more talented, but because of their tactical discipline. Each player knew what he was supposed to do and they did it effectively.

With the Copa America coming up, this victory undoubtedly backs up Batista as the preferred choice for the job. Maradona like Pele should be content with his contribution to the game. His goal against England in Mexico 86 will be remembered for as long as the game lives.

Meanwhile, Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque has admitted that Argentina were the better side on the day. Speaking to AS De; Bosque was however quick to state that his team did not deserve to lose by such a huge margin.

“The result has been a tad exaggerated. I was not surprised, Argentina has been better than us, especially the first half.”

“In the second half there was a desire from us. 4-1, in my view, is a tad exaggerated. But it does not detract from the triumph of Argentina. We had dignity to go out and find the outcome

“We don’t look for the excuse that the result was down to the changes we have made. Those who have come in are team players. We are at the beginning of the season. There’s no damage to the image. We have dignity even in losing.”

Photo credit: from jmrobledo