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War & Football 2010: Uruguay

Operation Reach for the Sky

The General:

Oscar Washington Tabarez is one of the many coaches this summer in South Africa with previous experience in the World Cup final.  For Tabarez his experience is more dated then most stretching all the way back to 1990 when the manager motivated his homeland’s side to what was considered a disappointing second round finish.  Now twenty years later, Tabarez looks to advance his Uruguay side even further in the event.

The Plan of Attack:

La Celeste usually plays one of the stranger formations in the tournament known as the 3-5-2.  Only three defenders stand on the back line, two defensive midfielders reside above them, followed by two wingers, an attacking midfielder, and two forwards up top.  The formation is among the most offensive minded in the tournament.

The Key Troops:

Up top few middle of the road teams can match the offensive pairing of Diego Forlan of La Liga fame and Luis Suarez of Ajax Amsterdam.  The duo scored twelve goals this WCQ and need to perform at a high level for the South American side.  Center back Diego Lugano is the squad’s star on the other half of the pitch and leads a group of relatively unknown defenders.

The Mission:

Uruguay has one of the most underrated duos up top and the two potential leading scorers have plenty of previous international experience and Forlan even played last Cup in 2002 for his homeland.  The side needs to lead the group in goals scored to have much a chance at advancing.  They have one of the weaker defenses in the tournament, but are loaded with offensive talent.

Potential Duds:

They say defense wins championships and in the case of Uruguay they need to hope the old saying is incorrect.  Uruguay needs goals galore if they want to advance because their formation and roster lack any real defensive prowess.  Uruguay could suffer losses due to their lack of outstanding depth on the back line and in the midfield unit.

Final War Movie Rank:

If Uruguay lives to tell the tale of a successful war film then it will be a Rambo type of performance for Diego Forlan and company.  Forlan needs to be a one man army, blood-thirsty for goals if Uruguay wants any World Cup finals success, but the squad needs to remember No Man is An Island.  If Uruguay over relies on their superstar and not on the collective team effort then they will find themselves leaving early from South Africa.