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War & Football 2010: Korea Republic

Honduras Preparing.Operation the Ultimate Asian Zone Warrior

The General:

Huh Jung-Moo was appointed the country’s manager in 2007 following a few experimental stints with Dutchman personalities at the turn of the millennium. Jung- Moo is a former national team star of that legendary 1986 World Cup run in Mexico for his beloved nation.  This will be his first World Cup final tournament as a skipper and he is the first South Korean former footballer to coach the squad in a finals match.

The Plan of Attack:

Korea Republic will likely play a version of the 4-4-2 known as the 4-1-2-1-2.  The formula for success is four back line defenders, one defensive midfielder, two wingers, an attacking midfielder, and two strikers up top.  The diamond formation of the midfield will feature the squad’s MVP Park Ji Sung.

The Key Troops:

He’s worth mentioning twice in a row, midfielder Park Ji Sung is one of the few Korean Republic player’s with top level experience.  The Man U player will keep focused on the whereabouts of key striker Park Chu-Young.  Chu-Young and Park Ji Sung are both members of the 2006 World Cup team in Germany as well.  Lee Young Pyo is the team’s critical defender and Lee Woon Jae is the side’s key man in between the posts.

The Mission:

Park Ji Sung has played in two previous Cups and one of those the side nearly won.  Still it would be considered a stretch to say that South Korea has a chance of winning this summer.  The side does have some familiar faces from past international glories, but they will not have homefield advantage like they did in 2002.  A second round berth would be above and beyond what to expect.

Potential Duds:

Korea Republic does have some top level talent, but as a whole they are considered unknown to much of the world and lack few game breakers.  This means that the side will have to really play as a team in order to achieve success this summer.  They are the least talented team in their group and every other offense is pretty impressive compared to their defense.  I would be surprised if they survive the first round. 

Final War Movie Rank:

If the Korea Republic is able to pull off the impossible and win the first World Cup of any Asian zone squad then they deserve an epic title like Emperors of the Sun.  If the squad doesn’t reach such a miraculous milestone and say doesn’t earn a single point then they should shamefully find A Hill in Korea to reside in until 2014.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jakob Montrasio