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War & Football 2010: England

Wayne Rooney at Urbis: Just Doo ItOperation License to Thrill

The General:

Manager Fabio Capello is considered one of the most successful coaches heading to South Africa this summer with nine titles in his league coaching career.  Not only has the man won Serie A titles with three different teams, he also won two in La Liga with Real Madrid.  Capello is on his first assignment as an international head coach and he was tempted to take the job due to the great challenge of taking home the country’s first Cup since 1966.

The Plan of Attack:

England usually prefers playing a version of the 4-2-3-1 with four defenders, two defensive midfielders, a left and right winger, a center forward, and a striker up top.  The squad has so many talented players that they can play any formation they want, but maybe we will see some alterations out there with Barry’s injury and a lack of depth at defensive midfield for the squad.

The Key Troops:

Wayne Rooney is not only Fabio Capello’s top gun on attack, the forward is considered vital to England’s chances of taking home the Cup.  Jermaine Defoe and Peter Crouch should both see valuable minutes as secondary strikers to the sniper Rooney and Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard remain critical starting midfielders.  John Terry and Rio Ferdinand anchor the back line.

The Mission:

England is settling for nothing less than a World Cup victory this summer.  The squad is probably considered to be the most talented in their long history and this could potentially be the Golden Era.  Rooney has established himself as one of the premier players in the world and they have more depth than 90% of the teams playing this summer.  Also they have among the easiest group draws in the World Cup as well.  

Potential Duds:

England doesn’t have an elite goal keeper and there is still plenty of debate about who the man will be in the net.  Also they have had plenty of bad luck with fitness recently and two or three critical starters might not be able to play this summer.  Barry, Cole, and Bent are just a few of the seriously injured players that might miss out.  Plus Sir Goldenballs has left the castle for good.

Final War Movie Rank:

Let’s go with something classy like All the Kings Men as their glorious movie title because this summer really could be one to remember for the Three LionsAs for the bad luck movie title The Hurt Locker seems to suite the injury hampered squad.  That is pretty good, but maybe Danger Within is a more fitting title considering all the interior challenges the squad has faced through media scrutiny this season regarding Terry and Cole.

Creative Commons License photo credit: dullhunk