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War & Football 2010: Denmark

Turkije - Denemarken (2-2)Operation Boom Goes the Dynamite

The General:

Morten Olsen is currently among the longest running managers coaching in South Africa this summer and this World Cup will mark a decade that Olsen has been the skipper of the Danish Dynamite.  In 2002 South Korea/Japan, Olsen was able to get Denmark to the second round of the event, but the squad missed out on the fun in 2006 Germany.  This summer Olsen hopes to build off of the brief success of 2002. 

The Plan of Attack:

Olsen’s formula for success is a fairly straight forward version of the 4-4-1-1.  Four back line defenders, four midfielders including two in the center, a center forward, and the striker up top.  The plan has worked pretty well recently including when the side beat Sweden and sent Zlatan Ibrahimovic home early this summer.

The Key Troops:

Nicolas Bendtner is slowly developing into a great forward and the giant Arsenal man helped out an injury-depleted Gunners squad this EPL season with plenty of brilliant finishes.  Bendtner should be joined by center forward and captain Jon Dahl Tomasson up top in the formation.  On the opposite side of the pitch Daniel Agger is the squad’s key center back and perhaps their most critical player.  Keeper Thomas Sorensen hopes to make it back in time from injury for a shot in the net.  

The Mission:

Winning the whole thing certainly would be a stretch for the Danish Dynamite, but perhaps a quarter finals appearance?  They do have an underrated defense with Agger leading the way and Bendtner is becoming pretty reliable up top.  It is a fairly safe bet to put the Dutchmen in the second round and then it becomes a Danish/Cameroon battle for the second seed.  It’s a tough call, but I like the Danish Dynamite.

Potential Duds:

It’s never good when your keeper is hampered by injury and hoping to be healthy right before the start of the Cup.  Also with their rival group teams it will be a tough fight to advance to the second round against a home side favorite Cameroon and an underrated Japan squad that gave England a run for their money.  But the biggest problem for Denmark is the fact that 99% of their squad has never played in such a huge international match due to  the squad missing out on 2006 Germany and Euro 2008.  

Final War Movie Rank:

The Danish Dynamite have one of the coolest nicknames of any World Cup squad, so they certainly deserve a fitting movie title if they win the World Cup.  How about the Danish Dynamite reveal the Path to Glory by exploding onto the scene with goals from Bendtner.  Let’s hope that the Dynamite doesn’t implode either or wouldn’t that be a Catch 22.

   Creative Commons License photo credit: Maarten (Superchango)