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War & Football 2010: Brazil

Kaka heads Jabulani ballOperation Boys of Brazil

The General:

In office since 2006, Dunga’s first head coaching experience has come on the biggest stage.  He and Argentine rival Diego Maradona are considered the two most controversial head coaches heading into the World Cup and, ironically, they are a few of the only ones that have ever hoisted the Cup before as a player.  Dunga won in 1994 USA with Brazil and the manager hopes to continue his summer fun from last year where his side won the Confederations Cup.  But many question his defensive minded tactics and neglect towards offensive playmakers that were left off of the roster.   

The Plan of Attack:

Brazil has shifted to the defense and Dunga is a fan of the 4-3-1-2 with four back line fullbacks of course, three midfielders, a center forward/attacking midfielder, and two forwards up top. 

The Key Troops:

Dunga will rely on defense and steady play to win the Cup this year and has extinguished much of the world renowned flash the Brazilian national team is so well known for.  Ronaldinho, Adriano, Pato, and Diego were all overlooked for the 23 man roster and Dani Alves remains a reserve, but Brazil still has plenty of talent beginning with Julio Cesar in between the posts.  The keeper hurt his back and his health is in question at the worst possible time.  Lucio and Maicon make up the key defenders, Kaka is considered the best midfielder in the world, and Luis Fabiano and Robinho make up the expected attack game.

The Mission:

Brazil is one of the few nations that has the same mission every single World Cup regardless of who has retired or been added to the team.  The mission is to continue adding onto their pile of World Cup titles.  They are the only team to play in every single one and their current record is an impressive 64-14-14 with five titles.  The 2010 South Africa experience would be their first as a more defensive minded squad.  But Brazil is of course a favorite and has as good a shot as anyone does at winning.  

Potential Duds:

The biggest dud in one Yank’s opinion is the general himself.  Has Dunga lost his mind by some of these decisions he is making?  Ronaldinho proved his worth this season with excellent form with AC Milan keeping them afloat in that first leg of the Champions League against Man U.  another bizarre move was Pato and Adriano not even getting called up to the 30 man roster?  Very strange, but the strangest of all is the lack of Dani Alves in your starting eleven.  Somebody give this guy a video of Barca playing!  Anyway Brazil is still loaded with talent and they do have probably the best overall defense, but so much offensive talent has already gone to waste.     

Final War Movie Rank:

If Brazil were to win yet another World Cup title in 2010 then I think the war movie title The Great Dictator would suit them well.  After all whatever you think of Dunga you must admit that he is doing things his way much like an emperor or dictator. Of course messing with something that has accumulated so much success in the past is risky and if the whole thing blows up in his face then perhaps we have a Dr. Strangelove type of moment.  But let’s certainly hope it isn’t a Pearl Harbor type of summer although I would be interested in who Michael Bay would have in his Brazilian starting eleven.  Perhaps he could beat Dunga’s eleven.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Shine 2010 – 2010 World Cup good news