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Voices of Optimism Rises In Turin

Birthday of Champions!After having a very mixed start this season, Juventus seems to be getting into the path they are expecting especially after getting one point from the defending champion Inter Milan at San Siro last Sunday.

Getting a positive result against the team that have always beats them in that ground in the last few seasons, could very much be the sign of the Turin giant’s resurrection that was promised by the club this season, at least according to some of their players and staffs it is a good sign.

The team’s living legend, Alessandro Del Piero open the optimism waves saying to the press, We have ended this cycle well, finding continuity in our results and performances,”

Giorgio Chiellini also added the optimism stating, We are improving: the two draws against City and Inter were convincing. We limited Sneijder and Eto’o who is in incredible form. We helped each other out and never gave up one ball. We are a match for anyone.”

Meanwhile, Juve’s coach Luigi Del Neri also said, “There have been some important improvements, we now believe in what we’re doing and the team has matured. We know that we have important players and the squad is always focused.

This voices of confidence are surely a positive thing indeed, however there will still be question marks with Juve’s form as the competition is still a long way to go and there are still lots of strong team in the league that the Bianconeri haven’t fought. However, the current progress is believed as a sign that things will get better for Juve as according to their general manager, Beppe Marotta, in the next two months, his club will only grow stronger.

“I believe that after two months the work of Del Neri is bearing fruit. When a player or a director wears the Juventus shirt, they know that they are wearing years of glorious history, Marotta said.

Having been very active in the transfer market, making lots of personnel changes again this season surely it will take time before Juve finally get their act going. However, there’s always a chance that it doesn’t work as there have been also pretty minor words about the new players in the Bianconeri’s shirt this season as there are no major players that the management signed.

This could provide problems for the Bianconeri in the future as when the competition gets into the crucial phase, every big teams usually needs game changer that can give them important points needed to win matches. Although they do have some potential game changer such as Milos Krasic and Alberto Aquilani that can grow as important acts for the team should they are given the chance, space and conditions for it.

It will be interesting to see whether Juve can really built on this momentum to grow stronger or just like last season this current positive results are just some temporary thing that couldn’t effect them in long run. Everything will definitely goes down on Del Neri’s ability to built the team as should he failed to create a strong squad, there’s not guarantee that he won’t ends up like Ciro Ferarra or Alberto Zacheroni last season.

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