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Vincente Del Bosque unhappy despite Spains 2-0 win over Honduras

Many people would have thought that head-coach Vicente Del Bosque would have been happy with his squads performance as they went on to defeat Honduras 2 – 0. After having lost to Switzerland in their first game of the World Cup, you would think that Del Bosque would be satisfied but this was not the case.

Upset with the wasted opportunities that Spain were able to build-up, Del Bosque knows that all these missed chances can be critical when facing a tougher opponent if they continue to advance to the next stages.  Despite the fact that Spain were able to come out with the win, Del Bosque went on to let his feelings known after the game.

Vincent Del Bosque went on to say the following :

“We didn’t play a good game. We had a lot of chances and we should have won by more goals.”

As far as what Del Bosque had to say about Fernando Torres who was able to get the start in todays match-up, he continued with the following :

“Fernando is a great player. He has just recovered from an injury but he looks on top form physically. Let’s hope in the next match he can do some more sterling work.”

David Villa who scored both goals for Spain in todays match-up was close to having a first half hat-trick but unfortunately failed to convert a penalty which would have him his 3rd goal of the night. Although Spain might have had many promising opportunities, if you are not putting any of the goals behind the net, they aren’t going to amount to anything. If Spain continue to build-up plays like they were able to, they will definitely go back to being the team that are looking like the favorites. The fact that no one has won a World Cup after having their first loss match, it will be interesting in seeing if Spain will be able to overcome the odds which has been the story of the World Cup this year.

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