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Vincente del Bosque still unsure whether to start Fernando Torres against Netherlands

Fernando Torres hasn’t been having that much of an impact for Spain in the World Cup and it hasn’t made it easy for Spain coach Vicente del Bosque as he still can’t decide if he should start or bench Torres in the World Cup final match against Netherlands.

Del Bosque already sat Torres in the semi-finals match against Germany in which Spain were able to pull of a 1-0 win over the Germans, thanks to a header from Carlos Puyol off a corner-kick, and with the next match coming up being the most important match ever for Spain, del Bosque has a tough choice ahead of him.

“I don’t know if he will be in the line-up, It was a difficult choice. Torres has been helping us all along. His work is important even if it is not noticed. He is good at occupying the centre-backs. I didn’t talk to him before I announced the line-up against Germany. But he is a very important part of the team. He is one of the key members of the squad and a lovely guy.”

With no concerns over Fernando Torres fitness level, it will still not make the choice any easier for del Bosque. Fernando Torres has went scoreless in the World Cup so far and barely has any shots on targets. Although Torres had the perfect opportunity to net a goal against Germany, Pedro was selfish and refused to give the ball up and instead decided to try an score alone but came no where close to getting a shot off.

I think Torres will get the start against Germany because after Pedro failed to give the ball up in which would have sealed the game for Spain, del Bosque needs to be confident that the players on the field will be unselfish in situations like that. Although Fernando Torres may be struggling to find the net, I definitely could see Torres stepping it up big-time in the World Cup for Spain.

What do you think del Bosque will do? Would u rather want Pedro or Torres in the match? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.