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Villa Joins Barca, Things Are Beginning To Get Out of Hand

Business GraphBarcelona is looking for the perfect recipe for success.

Last year the treble winners tried to add onto their record breaking season by adding a spicy Swedish meatball named Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the delicious dish, but the addition turned things in La Liga a little bit salty this season and the club decided it needed new talent up front to play alongside league MVP Lionel Messi. 

So this upcoming offseason it appears that a dash of David Villa is in the works and Barcalona’s recipe looks perhaps even better then ever before.  Villa agreed in principle to a four year deal with Barca yesterday.  The former Valencia man will make around 7 million a year and was purchased for a transfer fee of 40 million dollars.  Valencia, who finished in the top four this season, simply couldn’t afford not to sell the high priced talent due to their desperate need for funds.

And once again Barcelona has added onto their long grocery list by stealing players from the shopping cart of weaker teams.  Many will claim that today is an exciting day for La Liga because of this new addition to Camp Nou, but in reality it is further establishing this negative La Liga trend towards a dominance of only two squads out of twenty.

With Valencia losing Villa that means that they will have to play that much better as a whole to maintain top four rank; whereas for Barca it ensures their own title hopes for the next four seasons considering Zlatan’s potential move back to Italy and Henry’s pilgrimage to the MLS this summer.

The move makes perfect sense for Barcelona because the addition of Villa is obviously a good one.  Villa can play secondary striker to Messi and is one of the best finishers in the game too (21 goals this season), so he should fit in well up top at Camp Nou.  But although Barca improved today I think it is safe to say that La Liga as a competitive twenty squad league took a huge step back today.  Now lets see if they can land Fabregas too.

Because if they do then perhaps their should be a new rivalry in La Liga. 

Barcelona VS the Rest of the World  

Creative Commons License photo credit: nDevilTV