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Vatican Upset With Serie A

The PopeSerie A is going the route of nearly any profitable sports league and is spreading out there matches more than usual during the weekend and now matches will also be played as early as 12:30 Italian time rather then in the late afternoon like they usually started. 

This was of course a decision that was jointly made by Serie A with Pay Per View due to the fact that the league can receive move viewers if they spread out their matches over the week and therefore have more broadcasting opportunities.       

And the Catholic Church is none too pleased with the new development and has recently claimed that such a decision is a “pitch invasion” on private life. Vatican officials are reportedly very angry over the marketing decision and even many fans are disappointed in the alteration.    

Monsignor Carlo Mazza told Tuttosport:

I consider this a truly harmful development. Putting people in front of the television screen at 12.30 CET, when they are having lunch with their families, to me seems like a ‘pitch invasion’ on life. Family time is a very important institution and we cannot ‘sell it off’ to other events.

Apparently the Catholic Church has been unhappy with Serie A in the past claiming that they should not play matches on Sunday, so now that the time has been significantly pushed up it appears the Vatican is ready to voice their disapproval.  The schedules are already set for this season and I certainly doubt that will change, but perhaps this will motivate a few more mid-week matches next year.  

Creative Commons License photo credit: roblisameehan