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Van Gaal Is Shooting At Lyon For No Reason

Louis Van Gaal–and pretty much everybody else in international soccer–is too freaking interested in what other people are doing.  He coaches a professional soccer team filled with professional players who get paid and now he’s griping about something he has no control over.

Lyon’s match with Monaco has been moved to May so that the side will have plenty of time to prepare for Bayern and now Van Gaal wants UEFA–an entity he is NOT in control of–to force them to play the weekend before his second leg with them.  Van Gaal then shot off his mouth:

“I will be asking my director of sport Christian Nerlinger to request that UEFA forbid the French FA from making this postponement and to reverse it.”

“The French FA thinks that this gesture makes it easier for Olympique to reach the final and I think they are right. UEFA has got to keep an eye on and regulate things like this. That is no longer fair play.”

“If UEFA organise competitions, then they have got to ensure that the conditions are the same and that is no longer the case.”

“Obviously it is not possible for them to assert that everybody plays on the same day and I can understand that, but to put a game back so far is a different thing altogether. That should not be allowed.”

Here’s fair play baby.  11 on 11.

If the French FA were making you play with 10 men then you could complain, but the ONLY definition of fair play outside of following the rules of the game is– 11 on 11.

So, if you’re listening Herr Van Gaal.  Shut up.  You sound like an idiot.  You coach grown men who get paid to play a game.  Get over it and focus on winning the match.  You don’t own the French FA.  Oh, and you don’t own UEFA either.

I was going to pick Lyon anyways, but now it’s obvious.  This man can’t focus long enough to figure out how to beat Lyon.

Welcome to the final Lyon.  I don’t know if you earned it–but Louis Van Gaal sure wants you to have it.