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Van der Vaart Looks to Remain in Madrid

Rafael Van der Vaart is a good sport.  After being pushed to the side like an old piece of furniture and neglected from many of the powerhouse’s preseason matches, the star Dutch midfielder still wants to stick around and help out real Madrid as a part time player. 

In the modern day this notion is nearly unheard of.  What is Rafael Van der Vaart’s problem?  Doesn’t he know the disgruntled player’s code?  He seems too content being a regular teammate.  Is he so happy because his wife is so gorgeous?  I don’t get this unselfish behavour.

In the modern day it is supposed to be like this….

When a player is overlooked by his squad and they bring in a variety of highly anticipated transfers he is supposed to, first off, throw a fit.  You can achieve this by simply complaining about your minutes on the pitch.  In Van der Vaart’s case he still has only played in a handful of league matches.  But even if the squad begins playing you more then you can complain about when you play, why you play, and most important who you play with.

No one wants trash time minutes and if that guy barely misses a goal on a pass from you then blame him for not being Cristiano Ronaldo.  And if it is Cristiano Ronaldo accuse him of trying less when you pass him the ball.  In the modern day it deosn’t matter if you are being logical.  Just loudness is key.

And if you want to leave a place don’t just say, “Get me out of here.”  Instead say that you are “interested in the prospect of playing there and that you are currently happy with your deal.” 

But Van der Vaart isn’t doing that at all.  In fact he is saying the exact opposite:

I am starting to get my chances and I believe that I will still have a great time in Madrid. I still have HSV very deep in my heart, but this is a decision pro-Madrid and not contra-Hamburg.

What an amateur.