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Van der Vaart is Ready to Part with Real Madrid

Dutch treatRafael van der Vaart has had trouble finding first team football in the last year with Real Madrid and the writing is on the wall for the Flying Dutchman now that Jose Mourinho has come to town.

Mourinho is renowned for his defensive minded stars and several big names have been on the target list this summer as new additions to los galicticos, but van derVaart’s name is not expected to be on the list of full time players. So the midfielder is ready for some first team action elsewhere. And considering a huge part of why he stayed at Madrid last year in the first place was because of his wife Sylvie’s ongoing cancer treatment in Madrid and it appears to be time to leave now that the super fine lady has successfully battled breast cancer over the last year and the cancer appears to be heading into remission. Sylvie was even at the World Cup fixtures supporting her man recently despite his limited action.

As for league play though, the van der Vaart’s are ready to move on from Spain and England appears to be the desired destination for the young brilliant crossing wingman. Here is what van der Vaart had to say about his potential EPL targets:

I have heard of the interest from Liverpool and Chelsea – and that is very flattering. If either of them were willing to offer me first-team football, I will be honest that it would be very hard for me to not listen to what they had to say. I think I have the relationship with Madrid where they understand my position and would let me hold talks. I expect the majority of transfers to be concluded in the next two weeks, and if Chelsea or Liverpool wanted to talk with me I would at the very least listen to what they have to say. They are both giants, and if they could offer first-team football it may prove impossible to turn down. Real Madrid is the most prestigious club in the world and I am happy here and also in Spain, but I am at the age where I have to be playing first-team football.

I think Liverpool would be a solid fit for the Dutchman, but Chelsea sounds a bit too ambitious. Certainly last year’s double winner wouldn’t be open to guaranteeing a spot to a guy that has only played reserve minutes for the most part in the last few seasons. I think often less can be more with these partial star players and if they make a move like, say, Landon Donovan did last year it can pay off much bigger then, say, Karim Benzema.

In fact the only place harder to be guaranteed a spot in the EPL is Manchester City considering they now own the rights to nearly half of the transfer list and are spending money like it is going out of style. And van der vaart and his potential suitors realize that now is the perfect time to add the Dutchman as a final boost to their squad if they want it:

I am getting to the point where I will be hitting my peak years and I need to spend those years at a club where I will be playing regularly. The boss knows how much he plans to use me, and if he is willing to listen to offers for me. I wouldn’t be willing to play for any clubs in Spain out of respect for Madrid, so in my eyes the only other place to go would be the Premier League. It’s the only league that competes with the standard of La Liga.

And as we all know the EPL more then competes with La Liga.  It’s the most competitive league in the world.

Creative Commons License photo credit: bobster855