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Valencia's Jordi Alba Linked With Milan and Napoli

Valencia’s left back, Jordi Alba, has been strongly linked with Barcelona recently but apparently the Catalan must compete with other teams, mainly Serie A giants Ac Milan and possibly even Napoli for the signature of the left back.

According to Alba’s representative, Vicente Fores, the two Italian teams, mainly Milan are making serious attempt for his client adding that he will meet with the Red and Black squad’s director, Ariedo Braida, soon.

The agent revealed that his client is obviously a hot property at the moment, so interest from strong clubs are something very common and he doesn’t want to limit Alba’s chance in moving outside of La Liga. Aside from the Valencia left back, Fores also revealed that Milan are also considering another of his client, Bruno Sorriano, from Villarreal, but it seems that the former is the Rossoneri’s first target in the summer.

“Jordi Alba? It is true, I can confirm that we are in contact with Milan, also for Soriano of Villarreal, who is another represented by me. “Initially with the Milan club there has been only brief contact, but I think that within 20 days to a month maximum, we will meet with [director Ariedo] Braida. I don’t know whether this will be in Spain or Italy. Napoli’s interest in Alba? Yes, there have also been talks with the Neapolitans, but it is normal because we are talking about a very strong young man, born in 1989, with a great future ahead of him,” Fores confirmed.

Although admitting that his client is being tracked by host of top clubs, Fores refused to comment about the potential price tag for Alba or even Soriano as he believes that it’s not an appropriate thing to say at the moment. Alba’s contract is reportedly expiring and should end in 2013 and considering he isn’t keen on renewing with Valencia, the left back can go in a rather cheap price or to the highest bidder this summer.

A price for Soriano and Alba? I prefer not to dwell on this aspect, it would be unfair for the players’ clubs, Valencia and Villarreal.” the agent added

Previously it was Barcelona who is strongly linked in making a move for the left back as rumors stated that the Catalan club have made some kind of pre-arrangement deal with Alba, as he was an ex-Barca youth player. However, there’s a strong possibility that Valencia might be opting to sell the left back to other clubs, since Pep Guardiola’s team apparently is looking to get the player on a very cheap or even waited until he is free on 2013.