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Valencia's Albelda Slams Critics, Promises to Fix Errors

Receiving several stern criticism due to their recent poor league form, Valencia’s midfielder, David Albelda, squashed away the opinion stating that his team are in a disastrous situation, especially in La Liga.

Albelda admitted that they have been making plenty errors in the last few matches, but the dip of form is something pretty normal considering they also have to share focus in the Europa League, which they have been doing pretty well.

Albelda revealed that having been competing in more than one competition has simply took the tools out of them and nearing the end of the season, tiredness are growing even higher for the players. However, acknowledging the potential danger in losing their grip in third place, the midfielder ensured fans that they will give their all from now on and try to eliminate the mistakes the team made in the last few matches to get back on winning ways.

Obviously our recent results aren’t the best, but I don’t want to look at this situation as being as disastrous as the media make out.” “In my experience of previous years, being in three competitions really tires teams out and, sooner or later, you begin to feel it. What we have to do now is win games and all these times in which teams have made comebacks is because of our mistakes. We have made errors and we have to be able to correct them,” Albelda stated.

Furthermore, the veteran midfielder also suggested that it might be better for Valencia to play more effectively by focusing in getting result instead of playing well but eventually ending up without any points. Albelda stated that staying consistent for a whole season is just too difficult especially for El Che, who doesn’t really have the strength and depth as the likes of Barcelona or Real Madrid, the two giants in La Liga.

β€œIt was neither so easy for us before, nor so difficult for us now. You have to be at your best right until the end of the season and this consistency is always tough to achieve. Even Barcelona and Real Madrid, who have taken wins without playing well at times, have this. We all go through dips when the schedule becomes so saturated,” the midfielder added.