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Valencia Stumbles, Sevilla Restores

Stadio Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan
Creative Commons License photo credit: Dionetian

Ahhh, the banner flies a little higher today…

Valencia took a stumble against Sevilla on Sunday in the match that I said would be their hardest in this long stretch.  There’s only one problem…they’d already given away another match so now things have gotten harder for Valencia.

Sevilla pushed and prodded their way to a 2-1 victory and pulled themselves within 3 points of Valencia on the Premier Division table.  The unfortunate reality is that Valencia is still 13 points behind Barca and 8 points behind Real Madrid.

Now both teams are basically tangling with each other for the “We fumbled our best shot” position in 3rd place on the table.  Both Valencia and Sevilla were quite promising in the early season and both have had their ups and downs.

However, for Sevilla to have gotten as low as they got and to have pulled themselves to within striking distance of Valencia is quite miraculous.  I was thinking that Valencia would waltz into 3rd position through the end of the season and even challenge Real Madrid for 2nd place.

Now, I’m questioning whether Valencia can hold it together for the remainder of the season.  Valencia hasn’t shown that they can play consistently for more than 90 minutes.  They’ll have a good match and then a bad one.

Everytime they give away 2 or 3 points they let another team like Sevilla, Coruna, or Mallorca a chance to play “spoiler” and attempt to catch up with Real Madrid or Barca.

We also saw over the weekend that Real Madrid and Barca aren’t moving.  Each team won their weekend match and they are cruising with 52 and 47 points respectively.

Actually, what’s remarkable is to see how well Barca has held their lead on the table for this season.  They stumble, but not for long.  We know who’s showing up to these matches.  We can’t say the same for 3rd-7th place.

I’m interested to see who rears their ugly head next…