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Valencia Stumbles Against Tenerife

Real Madrid 4 - Valencia 2
Creative Commons License photo credit: JuanJaén

Valencia needs to come together…right now.

When I said that Valencia had the easiest road to glory I didn’t think that this road would “fork” this quickly.

A draw against Tenerife has put a stumbling block in Valencia’s path towards catching Real Madrid and Barca on the La Liga table.

Given Mallorca’s troubles the boys from Valencia are firmly ensconced in 3rd place, but that is still 5 points behind Real Madrid and 10 points behind Barca for the top spot. 

Stumbling out of a draw with Tenerife is not the best way to prepare for a battle with Sevilla on the 31st.  Sevilla is struggling and needs some kind of momentum that would bring them closer to their form from earlier in the season. 

Valencia could easily matchup with Sevilla nd give Sevilla a fresh target to knock off and in turn change both of their seasons.  When Real Madrid was struggling with inferior teams and Valencia was “riding high” it made sense to posit that Real Madrid could be caught for 2nd place.  Now, that seems a little far-fetched.

Valencia needs to smash Sevilla to squash Sevilla’s hopes of climbing out of 6th place.

Sevilla needs a win DESPERATELY to regain some kind of hold on their season.

After their showdown Valencia doesn’t play again until Super Bowl Sunday against Valladolid, and Sevilla has to wait until Valentine’s Day to take on Osasuna.  Let’s hope they can both hold their own against inferior clubs.  It would be a darn shame to have them both fall because they couldn’t beat someone they were supposed to beat.

Real Madrid CAN be caught if Valencia plays up to their own level.  Playing down to their opponent’s level is getting old.  Sevilla needs to get themselves together before their season gets out of hand.  I want to see a good showdown, but I also want that showdown to be the impetus for something great for both sides.