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Valencia Prepares for Fire Sale

Valencia has had a rough year in the books, but so far not on the pitch.  The perennial powerhouse squad has the potential to finish the season a top four squad with a birth in next year’s UEFA Champions League.  But if Valencia is going to lock up that bid then they will most likely need to do it without many of their key players.  And unfortunately they will be missing star players for the worst of reasons.

Valencia is strapped for cash and club officials have admitted that they are seriously considering offers for David Villa and David Silva simply to help the club climb out of their terrible debt.  Both starters on Spain’s national squad have been linked with moves to the Premier League several times including Villa to Manchester United to fill the void that Cristiano Ronaldo left the attack. 

Obviously the dollar signs must be right for the move to happen, but Valencia’s current financial predicament might force the club into giving away Villa simply to turn some type of profit.  Valencia is in such bad financial shape that several club officials have admitted that it is a miracle that the squad has not gone under yet.  This summer Valencia debt was more then 500 million euros and following a 74 million dollar loan from the regional government Valencia still needs to turn a profit of over 40 million in order to salvage the squad.

It sounds as if the price for Villa and Silva is increasing every day which is music to Valencia’s ears.  Unfortunately in modern day sports, the athlete that is of most value is often the first one shown the door.  Lets just hope that Valencia can turn some young players with potential into the great players of tomorrow.