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Valencia on a Tear Through La Liga

Valencia netted a 3-1 victory over Zaragoza on Sunday in what could be called a watershed match for the club led by David Villa.  Valencia now sits at 21 points and is a mere 5 behind 1st place Barca.  Now that the Top 4 teams are within 5 points of one another we can really see a race developing at the top of the Table for the Premier Division.

Now that it looks like Cristiano Ronaldo could be out for months rather than weeks simply calls into question the stability of the teams at the top.  Real Madrid doesn’t have its best player for the forseeable future and Barca has decided it can’t win Champion’s League matches anymore. 

So far Sevilla and Valencia look like they can maintain the pace they’re on because they haven’t dealt with any major injuries or significant setbacks in their play.

League play resumes on November 22nd and the Top 4 teams will have some time to decide what path they will take.  It is conceivable that Real Madrid will still be without Ronaldo, the Barca could stay in a slump and (like in the cartoons) every time they see an opponent they see Rubin Kazan. 

It’s also conceivable that Sevilla and Valencia will regroup and be able to stay the course.  Either way, these teams need to take this break as a sign that they need to get it together…pronto.  There will be no excuse for Sevilla and Valencia and if they start losing suddenly they will be written off faster than a bad signing.

One question for you:  What does it say to you that Real Madrid has to prove to Portugal that Ronaldo can’t play?  What’s going on in Madrid that makes the Portuguese think they’re holding back?

More on that tomorrow…