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Valencia midfielder David Silva agrees to Manchester City deal

Spain midfielder, David Silva, is on his way to the English Premier League as he went on to agree to a deal with billionaire club – Manchester City.

Having been rumored to make the move from La Liga to the EPL, David Silva will join Barcelona’s Yaya Toure as  2 new additions to the club. Although the deal for Yaya Toure is still not complete, City has went on to state that the signing of Yaya Toure is close to completing.

On Barcelona’s official website, the following was stated :

“Barcelona’s director general Joan Oliver has said that the club has agreed the exits of Yaya Toure and Thierry Henry, but that at the moment the final moves are in their hands. In case of Toure, Oliver has recognised an understanding between the club interested in the midfielder, Manchester City, and Barca, but the transfer cannot be made official yet.”

Currently with Spain in South Africa competing for the World Cup, Silva is happy to be joining Manchester City and went on to say the following :

“Firstly, I would like to thank Valencia as a club and all of their loyal fans, and my team-mates there and staff. I have enjoyed six years at Valencia, they discovered me as a footballer and they will always be a special club for me. The time is right for me to seek a new challenge, and I am thrilled about playing in England with Manchester City. I believe the Premier League is one of the best competitions in the world and I want to bring success to City and win trophies for them. There has been a lot of speculation about me in the British and Spanish media, and I need to fully concentrate on playing for Spain in the World Cup. That is why my advisors have been dealing with City for me so that I can have my attentions only on South Africa and playing well for my national team.”

Roberto Mancini is happy that David Silva will be joining the club as he feels that he can contribute a lot to City and help them finish top 4 in the up-coming season.

Mancini went on to say the following :

“I am so pleased he is coming to us. I think he can make a big, big impact for Manchester City. In signing David, we are showing the world that we are bringing the best players here and that we hope to compete to win the Premier League. When players see what is happening at Manchester City and the ambition, they are attracted to what we are building and want to be a part of it. I hope he does very well for Spain in the World Cup and then joins us for our pre-season, ready to compete in the Premier League. I am very excited about seeing him playing for Manchester City.”

David Silva is a very talented midfielder and will be able to provide better service for Carlos Tevez up-front. With the additions of Silva and soon to be Yaya Toure, I definitely see City finishing top 4. Although many people were saying this last season after re-building the club (I was not one of them), I think this year will be completely different and the club will make a top-4 finish.

Happy to see Silva join City or sad to seem him leave Valencia? Think he will be able to perform well in the English Premier League? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.