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The Sexiest US WNT Players: Preview Edition

I know this will be the most chauvinistic series I have ever authored, so spare me the vitriol. The fact is, the media often delves into which men’s soccer players are “dreamy”, but when someone wants to talk about the beauty of female players, many folks consider it “inappropriate”. Well, I disagree wholeheartedly, and I’ll tell you why:

I think physical beauty is something to be cherished, and the mere fact I think a certain US WNT player is hot doesn’t mean I am discounting her play. In fact, the truth is that the better a lady plays, the more sexy she becomes to me. Take Marta of Brazil for example. Some say she is homely, but her skills make her damn sexy IMO.

So, each Wednesday for the next three weeks, I will be telling you about one of the hottest three women currently dedicating her soccer skills to the US WNT. I know I will leave many deserving “hotties” off the list, so please let me know about it in the comments and I will continue this series at a later date. This list was very hard to make. 

Wow, I am sorry about that bit of dirtiness. In any event, please come back to SATO over the next three Wednesdays to learn about the WNT’s current sexy starlets, and also stay tuned to our ongoing 2009 Serie A Season Review. It’s hard to score in Italian soccer, but scoring with the 3 ladies I have chosen is even harder.