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U.S. v. Mexico Second Half Blog

And now for the second half:


HEY! ESPN does have the angle on the Dempsey goal/penalty. It only took them thirty minutes to show it to us. And, yes, fuck. He does look offside. Didn’t need to be though, as he actually had to come back for the ball. It’s a shame too because he ripped a bender past Ochoa. I think Ochoa’s balls were completely retracted when he gave up his 3rd goal in the first half, but are now perched at only 66% retracted once again.


That didn’t take long. Magallon does it to Moor again. Another dead ball special for Sanchez’s boys. 2-1.

This team is waaaay more resilient than the ones that fell last season in Arizona and Chicago .


Altidore almost scores on the exactly same play as earlier. Seriously, it looked like something out of Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. He didn’t finish Moor’s cross this time though. He wants a penalty but won’t get it.


And a fights break out. Wow. Howard was tackled late. He retaliates with a head lock. His retaliation is ill-advised as it results in his opponent attempting to step on his nuts. It’s on.

Funny thing is, the pass Howard hit when he was tackled (highly unorthodox to allow a player to tackle a keeper like that, try to step on his nuts, and not get a card, no?) was freaking perfect. It creates a real breakaway chance for the when Convey gets the ball to Altidore, who actually makes a fantastic pass to Dempsey. Unfortunately, the seed (insert nuts joke here if you like) bears no fruit when Clint’s shot is blocked.


Vela fires a shot that is deflected off Moor. He finally got in front of something. I joke. The kid has thrown in some amazing crosses.


Mexico is controlling the flow of the game just like they did during the beginning of the first half.


Adu is in for Dempsey. It’s a Teenage Wasteland up top for the U.S. Love it, Bradley. Thanks for letting the young pups spread their wings (these Modelos are making me mix my metaphors).

I am glad Adu got in. I would have been pissed if I were him and I flew in from Portugal to sit on the pine. Then again, I would have taken the chance just as he did.

Dempsey looked like a guy who had a ten hour flight a couple days earlier. Sleepy. In all seriousness though, he played well.


It’s still really physical out there. Definitely one of the most intense friendly matches I have ever seen.


Feilhaber is in as well for Bradley. Do it Benny. Do it again with your crazy ricochet-volley style….


Altidore blows a breakaway by being a little cute with the dribbling. Just rip the shot man! Maybe it goes in. Maybe there’s a rebound opportunity. Just don’t give it back on a low percentage dribbling move…


Onyewu gets a yellow card. Not sure what he did really that hadn’t been done dozens of times this game. Luckily, Marquez’s free kick is awful.


Convey out…. Eddie Lewis in. Wait, Convey was in? Hadn’t heard his name in so long I had forgotten. Lewis immediately draws a foul. Well done, veteran!


Mexico has put in Giovanni Dos Santos for Vela. The fans are now in a frenzy of anticipation to see the young player attack the U.S. defense.


How does the U.S. have 17 fouls to Mexico’s 8? Seriously?


Now ESPN is giving us hi-lights with “synthetic video”. Great. Still took 30 minutes to see Dempsey was offside though. I said a lot of things about the officials during those 30 minutes that I would like to take back now.


Altidore now has received a yellow as well, and for bitching at the officials no less. We are officially in the referee’s bad graces.


Bocanegra is playing well, despite violently colliding with Howard in the first half. Even though I am glad he is doing well, I would like to see Parkhurst get some time. He was all warmed-up when Carlos decided to go back in.


Now Ricardo Clark is out, and Edu is in. I would have liked to see him play a little longer, but, as a wise man once said something is better than nothing. Well, it was either a wise man or that maniacal hobo who yelled at me yesterday.


Edu is immediately taken down. Nice invitation to the rivalry.


Donovan sends it in nicely, but Onyewu is offsides. It would have been a strange stat line if Donovan had hooked up with him twice.


Onyewu saves a goal after a great cross. Corrales was beaten on the outside, again.

Mexico is just peppering it in the box, but Howard is responding. The U.S. will be lucky to escape with a tie.


Corrales gets a yellow. That’s four for the U.S. now. He has largely been a non-issue this game. I don’t foresee him playing in many more big games like this, but who knows. Maybe he is the anti-Allen Iverson and is a practice hero. I’m not there so I wouldn’t know. I do know he looked less than stellar tonight.


Freddy makes a nimble move, jukes two defenders and… is promptly fouled just outside the box. This will be the U.S.’s last chance. Great move by Adu though.

Donovan’s cross is off the mark and the whistle sounds.


Hard fought match by both teams, though I would give the overall edge to Mexico. Magallon should be the Man of the Match, though Onyewu also had a fine game.

Mexico dominates the stat sheet by putting nine shots on goal. The U.S. only put two on goal, but converted both. Over seventy thousand people attended the game. Great turnout (though the crowd looked about 80% pro-Mexico).

The U.S. next plays Poland on March 26, 2008.