US Invades Grenada’s Net in Gold Cup

On the 4th of July, the US MNT absolutely dominated Grenada to kick off the Gold Cup in thrilling style (4-0). Although the Yanks played their JV side (youngsters like Adu, Rogers, Holden, etc.), they still overwhelmed their opponents, who likely will have a very long flight home to their island nation after being absolutely outplayed and embarassed.

In front of nearly 60,000 fans, the US notched two goals in the first half and a matching pair in the second in a game I would describe as “ridonculously lopsided”. The US took 25 shots (10 on goal) while Grenada settled for a mere 3 (1 on goal). Everyone who took the pitch for the US squad looked pretty darn good on Saturday, but some looked fantastic.

Robbie Rogers was the straw that stirred the Fourth of July frosty (and frothy) drink for the US Nats, assisting the first two goals and netting the third. He was running all over the pitch making plays with his speed and passing. Freddy Adu and Charlie Davies also both looked promising, and Davies may have booked his ticket to S. Africa with another goal.

Heath Pearce is also making a name for himself by shutting down forwards and simultaneously prodding the attack with his dangerous crosses. All in all, you would have to be very cynical to be upset with the play of the US squad in Seattle last Saturday. It was a strong performance from a team with a rising confidence (and likely FIFA World Ranking).

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