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US U-20 Women’s Soccer Team In World Cup Final (These Girls Are Good)

The US U-20 Women’s Soccer team played Germany in the semifinals of the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup and here are the results:

1-0 USA WINS!!! 

I have three things I’d like to add to the ladies’ fine performance:

1. We’ve Come Really Far

Soccer is struggling in America to attract the top male athletes, but it’s still one of the only sports in the USA (or in any country, for that matter) with a women’s professional league. Meanwhile, there are men who are professional bass fisherman. Between 1894 and 2008, we’ve evolved from a chauvinistic world where no women were allowed to play organized sports of any kind to a more understanding world where scores of nations come together to watch young women play soccer and celebrate our global unity. Yay for us. Let’s keep working toward equality here in the US and encouraging the rest of the world to do the same.

2. I Am A Dirty Old Man

This is going to sound sort of pervy, and I’m sorry for that, but some of these girls are really cute. Now, I’m not that “old” and I’m only talking about the girls of legal age, of course. Geez, I’m not that pervy. I just want to tip off Nike, Adidas and the rest of the sponsorship world: take a look at Becky Edwards. The Ms. Kournikova of soccer? No. Not that she isn’t pretty, it’s just that she is actually really good at soccer, unlike the winless Anna. Sign her up now or pay her the big “Mia Hamm” bucks later.

3. These Girls Are Really, Really Good @ Soccer

I have watched several women’s soccer games, but I must admit that tonight was my first game watching the US youth women play. I expected sloppy soccer, I really did, but then I started watching. These girls exhibit tactful passing and defensive determination just like the men. In fact, it was way more entertaining (and less sloppy) than most MLS games. We all should get behind the new Women’s Professional Soccer league when it starts up so young American girls can have more heroes to look up to and emulate. It’s good soccer and I guarantee you it will be more entertainment for a better price than your local NFL or NBA game.

We should also all watch the girls play in the Final on Sunday against our hated rival Korea DPR. Screw the NFL for one afternoon. Like I said, these girls are good and they could use our support. The rest of the world will catch up to us in women’s soccer as their walls of inequality are slowly torn down like ours were for the last 100 or so years.

So let’s get as big a headstart as we can!