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US Soccer Monthly Musings: “Mars” Edition

Baal Emerges From His LairThe Month: March is the third month on the Gregorian calendar, and it is named after the Roman god of War, Mars. If you have ever read any mythology, you know Mars was one bad mother. He was basically the Romans’ biggest god because they sure loved to throw their military might around. But, he was also associated with brutal warfare. That’s why I find it weird we have named the closest planet to us Mars. Isn’t that sort of asking for it?

The Men: Luckily, no Martians have yet attacked us. Many Martins have offended me (Short, Lawrence, Brodeur) but I will let those slide today, because I need to stop writing about the red planet, and start writing about the men who play for the Red, White and Blue. The US MNT had a quiet month. They played one big friendly against the Dutch with a strong lineup (and decent showing), but not much changed this month when it comes to the Cup.

The Musings: OK, maybe Beasley became more relevant based on his performance against Clockwork Orange, but I personally would still rather have Robbie out there, or maybe even Sacha. I know, bold words, but I just don’t have a ton of confidence in DMB yet. I am writing this back on 03/13, so I have no idea if MLS has worked out its ridiculous situation. If not, I think it will hurt our chances in South Africa, and not just because some guys will sit.

Nope, what I think is worse than Ching having to find somewhere to train, is that millions of US fans (well, maybe hundreds of thousands) may give up the league for good. Maybe they will also support our efforts in South Africa this summer less too, because soccer isn’t even on their mind on a daily basis. Soccer is on my mind almost constantly. I hope the rest of the US can catch up as we stalk towards the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Let’s channel Mars and kick some serious ass/soccer balls.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Worker101