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US Soccer Monthly Musings: February Edition

ponys in the park
Creative Commons License photo credit: Per Ola Wiberg (Powi)

The Month: February is the coldest month. Thus, it is also one of the cruelest. At least to me. I am from South Florida. I actually grew up in Tampa, to be exact. So, I prefer sandy beaches to snowy mountains. I hate February. I also hate missing US MNT games when they are in Tampa, like the one last night. Both my brothers were there, cheering in the rain for our squad. The Nats even won in thrilling fashion. But I missed it. Therefore, February sucks.

The Men: Ah, no, it doesn’t really suck that bad. At least not for the Nats. After all, we did come back to beat SLV. Brian Ching showed why he will be on the World Cup roster, and Sacha, Heath and Robbie also showed they could be super subs in South Africa. Everyone else sort of slipped, but c’est la vie. Even better news this month though was that LD can compete in the EPL. He’s looked great. The best news though? It’s gotta be Davies, who is jogging already.

The Musings: Yes, that’s right. A guy who suffered a cruel, cold fate back in October was rejuvenated this February and may even shock his doctors (and the world) by making it back in time for the World Cup. It isn’t Spring yet, but the fact that Davies has some spring in his step surely sounds sweet to me. All in all, February was very good to our Nats. Next month, we travel to the Netherlands to face Clockwork Orange. Let’s hope our players don’t get stonewalled.

Or stoned, OK?

And, yes, I am talking to you Beckerman.