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US Soccer Live Blog: US v. T&T (1st Half)

The game is about to start and I will be memorializing my thoughts, stream of consciousness style, as it unfolds.

Bradley’s starting eleven looks like I thought it would. Beasley and Hejduk are starting (why?). Altidore is the lone striker. Orozco and Torres are getting their first starts. Adu, Edu and Kljestan are in the middle with Torres and Beas. Pearce is in the back with Orozco, Frankie and Califf.

T&T has there A Team this time, and I’m not referencing the Mr. T variety.

  • (3:12) Torres makes a foolish early foul. T&T has a nice chance, but Guzan and Orozco ensure no goal is to be had.
  • (5:34) The US has their first corner. It’s wasted by Edu, who trips over his own feet. Big Mo didn’t look too graceful on that one.
  • (8:08) T&T has their first corner. It’s way too wide though.
  • (11:45) T&T takes a shot from way out. Guzan smothers it easily.
  • (14:11) Second corner for the U.S. It’s easily blocked.
  • (16:27) T&T blows a chance right in front of the net off a corner. The US were very lucky.
  • (19:00) It’s been ugly so far for both sides, but T&T has actually looked better and more composed. Edu looks out of sorts.
  • (19:45) Beasley blows by his man and his cross is on target, but the US can’t put it away.
  • (21:33) T&T looks much more desperate. They need the points. The US just needs to settle down and stop trying to play at such a breakneck pace.
  • (22:50) Big Mo is settling down. He’s playing some great defense. Very tenacious.
  • (23:50) The U.S. is clearly trying to slow it down.
  • (24:10) Another save for Guzan. It was another shot from outer space. T&T is wasting the opportunities they have generated.
  • (25:00) Altidore jukes his defender and makes a nice pass to Beasley, but DMB is offsides.
  • (25:37) Oh no! There’s the replay. DMB was onsides. What a hometown call. Let’s hope it was the last.
  • (28:11) Klejstan is lacking control tonight. I think the spirit of Michael Bradley has seized control of his body. It couldn’t stand to miss a game.
  • (30:33) Edu has no touch. He had a chance to start a break with Adu, but he put too much on it. Why not just make him a CB?
  • (33:45) We’ve injured someone. The crowd is none too pleased.
  • (36:08) Jose Torres makes an unbelievably bad pass. We get the ball back though, and then he proceeds to launch one twenty yards over the crossbar from 25 yards out. I am not liking what I’m seeing.
  • (37:10) I am not liking Pearce too much either. He almost just gave away a goal. He just plays scared sometimes.
  • (39:07) Adu had been looking pretty good, but his little flick to Torres was so “cute” I wanted to hurl. Just pass him the freaking ball, you don’t have to make it the goal of the year.
  • (40:22) Frankie hits a cross that was more like a shot. He probably should practice those more.
  • (42:07) T&T has flat out looked better than the US this half. They look much more fluid. We look confused as to where we are and who we are playing with. 
  • (44:00) We are called offside again. At least this time we were actually offside.
  • (Extra Time) T&T’s Scotland narrowly missed. They’ve got four shots now, two on goal. Guzan needs a Tums.
  • (HALF) It’s been ugly for the US. Just one shot, and none on goal? At least their current momentum may be lost at the half. At this point, Bradley has to be a little worried. Only Orozco has looked good, though Adu has been impressive in spurts. Altidore is not being utilized, that’s for sure. There are too many people in the middle! I would yank Beasley and put another forward up top with Jozy. Why not see what Davies can do? I would also bring on Szetela for Edu, who has to be up there with Torres for the award for “Most Incompetent First Half Performance”. I would also bring in Wynne for Hejduk. I love Frankie, but we need to get some other people some PT. Plus, Wynne looked great in China.