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US National Team’s Best XI: Jeff Agoos

Jeff Agoos (or as he’s known to MNT fans “the Goose”), belongs on this list not only because he is the second most capped player in US National Team history, but also because he played with as much determination and grit as anyone to ever take the pitch for the Nats. In 134 appearances, he always gave 100% and never let Sam’s Army down. In many ways, he best symbolizes our tough, underrated squad.

The Goose won more MLS Championships than any other player, three with DCU and two with SJE. He was rightfully a member of the MLS Best XI team selected in 2005. He also played briefly in Germany. Agoos was actually born in Switzerland where his father was a US diplomat. In addition to playing for the MNT, he also won a silver medal at the 1992 Indoor World Championship.

Agoos was known as a hard tackling defender for the Red, White and Blue. He displayed his tough-nosed style during the 2000 Olympics as one of the US’s overage players. Unfortunately, Agoos’ MNT career almost ended bitterly when he was the last player cut from the 1994 World Cup team. In protest, Jeff burned his team jersey.

Agoos would later prove his critics wrong by making the 1998 and 2002 World Cup squads, though he never got on the pitch in ’98 and he certainly did not perform his best in 2002, when he scored an own goal against Portugal. But, he belongs on this Best XI list, just like he belonged on that 1994 World Cup squad simply because he played with unparalleled heart.