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US MNT’s 2009 New Year’s Resolutions

As tradition dictates, we all will make 2009 New Year’s resolutions today. Some of us will want to quit smoking, lose weight, spend more time with our families, or even all three. I have been thinking about the US Men’s National Team’s upcoming year, and here are some resolutions I think they would make:

Landon Donovan: I resolve to play some fantastic soccer in 2009, just not for the Galaxy. I want to help the team qualify for the World Cup in 2010, and I want to increase my all-time leads in goals and assists. I also want to spend more time learning to speak German.

Pablo Mastroeni: I want to spend 2009 continuing to rob younger, more talented players (like Mo Edu) of playing time. I want to continue my unparalleled streak of games without a goal. Most of all though, I want to break more legs and get more cards in ’09 than ever before.

Clint Dempsey: I resolve to continue to poach goals against our worst opponents and then disappear in big games. I also vow to keep sporting one of the worst hairstyles in US MNT team history. I think 2009 is the year I finally learn to play bridge too. That game is so hot right now.

Bob Bradley: In 2009, I want to spend more time with my son, Michael. So, I resolve to continue to play him 90 minutes of every MNT game, regardless of his hot temper and questionable first touch. I also want to finally read The Da Vinci Code. Everyone else has by now, for God’s sake.

So, that’s what I think those gentlemen would want to resolve to do in 2009. If you have any resolutions you think MNT members would make, let me hear about it in the comments. As for me, I vow to keep providing you with insights into American soccer throughout the year here on STO!