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US MNT Mission 2010: Preview Edition

Briefing: Gentlemen, please open your dossiers and prepare to learn about your objective. Before the deadline on April 25, 2009, I will be revealing the names of the 13 most integral agents of a clandestine organization known only as the “MNT”. Your duty is to learn about these agents’ skills, actions and tasks in preparation for Mission 2010.

Every day, return to this location at this exact time so you can be brought up to speed on the identities of the MNT agents. 

Special Skills: The MNT is a covert force of the nation’s best athletes who are consistently ignored by the establishment. Although their activities are supported by people around the globe, here in America they walk among us without recognition. Their attributes, especially the use of their feet, could produce awe in the US audience. They are hell-bent on spreading their activities throughout the US, and recent intelligence shows their plan could work.

International Actions: The MNT’s past missions of this magnitude have been largely unsuccessful. Although the agency had a very successful Mission 2002, they still failed to eliminate all of their targets. There is little known about Mission 2006, as it appears MNT members have tried to destroy all evidence of that ugly episode. Former MNT Director Arena was ultimately neutralized due to that incident. MNT is back now though, and stronger than ever.      

Mission: Your mission is to return to STO over the next two weeks to receive briefings on the MNT’s agents. The MNT’s mission, should they decide to accept it, is to bring honor and glory to the US by besting their international foes at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.  In the event they fail to perform as expected in 2010, US soccer fans will disavow any knowledge of their actions. Good luck and God speed. This message will self-destruct in five seconds.

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  1. norman

    Hi carlm,

    U said u are not stupid. U said EVERY club has 1 or more divers. If u r really so distressed by seeing Inter players dived, then the fact is that u have seen nothing yet.

    Have u watch La Liga matches? Have u watch Sevilla or Villarreal? I had watched them n I can tell u that their players dive like a submarine. So who allow this problem to occur?

    Pse hear me out. The problem need to be addressed at the root, that is at the authority level, FIFA, UEFA, national FA etc… There are many solutions, like video technology or heavy post-match penalties for cheating. The point is to make cheating meaningless or at least not worth the players’ effort since they are going to get punish anyway. The fact is that the authority refuses to act on it and encourage cheating indirectly.

    I am not trying to defend Inter here. But pse bark at the right tree.

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  3. carlm

    Sorry to submit another post so soon, but I guess the type of tactics and behaviour that I saw tonight really upset me.

    I am nearly 50 years old, a father, and fairly successful husband. But since the age of five years old, football has been my passion.

    Football has made me cry, it has made me shout for joy, it has made me forget that anything else in the world matters.

    So tonight when I saw so much blatent cheating from Inter Milan – whether from rolling and diving, or from time-wasting and fouling, it made me sad and angry at the same time.

    Now I’m not, I think, stupid, and know that every club has one or more players who have been known to fall down too easily – for example, Drogba at Chelsea.

    Yet almost the entire Inter team does it as if it were a tactic. As if it were part of the very fabric of the game.

    I understand that it works – it takes more time off the clock than is added, it draws yellow and red cards, it interrupts the game.

    But please – just as a matter of pure human decency for the game we all love, please try to work towards the end of the uption of the game – please let’s get rid of this cheating.

    I know that most Inter fans are just like me and want to rid soccer of the cheating, and to get it out of football in general.

    So, fans of Inter – you really can rise up and rid your team of the stench of cheating.
    You really can clean the game you play and make the whole world proud of your game!

    Your history isproud and you can turn the current problems around to make yourself truely proud once more!

    It can happen!

  4. carlm

    As a neutral lover of watching football, nothing pisses me off so much as players exaggerate contact and make a dive.

    Have they no respect as men?

    Here’s the routine – Get tackled – fall down, roll-over three times, and stay there for as long as possible.

    When world-class players such as Messi or Rossi or Maldini go down it’s real. Compare this to the theatrics of second-class cheats.

    So to any Inter fans reading, you should be ashamed of the “fallers” in your team.

    It’s great to win, but to win with dishonour is nothing.

  5. David

    Totally agree with your comments on Inter’s defence Norman. They were brilliant tonight.

    Mourinho played a classical Italian style of football. Played strong defence and hit them on the counter-attack. And his plan worked to perfection.

  6. norman

    Not just Eto, but Milito and Pandev as well, all of them are wasteful in front of the goals. But Eto’s only goal proved to be decisive and it broke Chel’s normal play.

    My compliment to the fantastic Inter defence, Motta, Zanetti, Lucio, Samuel, Maicon and Cesar, esp Lucio and Samuel. They made some very meaningful tackles to keep a cleansheet that night. Bravo!

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