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US MNT Mission 2010: Agent Onyewu

Briefing: Agent Oguchi Onyewu (aka “the Gooch Mooch”) is one of the MNT’s most stifling enforcers. Born in the D.C. area in 1982 to Nigerian parents, Agent Onyewu has grown to an enormous size (estimates say 6’5″). He has become one of the MNT’s most important operatives, and all indicators suggest he will play a big part in Mission 2010. 

Special Skills: Agent Onyewu has honed his defensive skills abroad since he was 20. His last known whereabouts were Belgium, where he was seen anchoring the defense of a successful group known as Standard Liege. His imposing presence in the middle of a squad’s defense has led many officials to link him with a future move to bigger leagues.  

International Actions: Since 2004, Agent Onyewu has been a steady member of the MNT. He is the tallest member (other than keepers) in the history of the MNT, and in 38 matches with the organization, he has played stifling defense. He also has a nose for the net, and he has used his head to score 5 goals for the agency so far.

Mission: Agent Onyewu’s mission, should he decide to accept it, will be to dominate foreign agents who try to infiltrate the MNT’s penalty area. He must use his size to prohibit opponents from assaulting the MNT’s net and he must avoid mental errors that could result in Mission 2010’s failure. This message will self-destruct in five seconds.