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US MNT Mission 2010: Agent Marshall

Briefing: Agent Marshall (aka “Rad Chad”) has emerged as a rising new member of the MNT, even though he has participated in some missions since 2005. His fantastic performances of late with the Crew, an Ohio outfit, has catapulted him back into the Mission 2010 debate. I think he will secure a place on the squad and may be a starter.

Special Skills: Agent Marshall has all the attributes of a top defensive player. He has imposing size (6’3″), good speed, and enormous tenacity. Most of all though, Marshall has a cool head and a strong leadership style. All of these traits have made him into an all-star in MLS, and all should also translate to him becoming a fixture for the MNT.

International Actions: Though he has been a member of the MNT since 2005, Agent Marshall has only been selected for four missions and scored a single goal. He was thought to have been left behind by the agency, but his recent resurrection has amped up interest in his abilities. As a result, his future with the squad looks bright.

Mission: Agent Marshall’s mission, should he decide to accept it, will be to help hold down the MNT’s back line. His presence in the middle could allow Agent Bocanegra to play a holding defensive midfielder role or even move to the outside himself. I think Agent Marshall is ready for the opportunity. This message will self-destruct in five seconds.

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  1. Kyaw


    I am a big fan from Myanmar, I really wish to see Inter to beat Barcelona and reach to CL final. Why not? Inter can beat barcelona or arsenal in semi final with the skills they possess, the best manager and mentally strong.
    Good luck Inter, beat barcelona, man u

  2. David

    Well at least we have played them already this season, so the players know what to expect at the Nou Camp. The key as always is that first game at home. Inter needs to go to Spain with a goal lead, similar to Chelsea

  3. norman

    Manu face a relatively weaker team in Munich at Q-Final and an even weaker french team in Semi. Ideally Inter can hope to meet Lyon or Bord in the Final but tat may be too much to ask for. So I predict tat whichever team, Manu or Munich wins, will proceed on to Final and face Inter.

    So… The million dollars question is this: can Inter beat Barca, even if Barca is currently the best team in the world, even if the return leg is played at Nou Camp?

  4. norman

    Inter is very lucky in the draw because I consider Moscow to be the weakest team. I believe Inter will face Barca again in the Semi. Inter will be playing Barca at the return leg at Nou Camp, so Inter will face a uphill task with Barca.

    In the other group, I see Manu as the strongest. For Inter to win Champ lg, Inter have to be prepared to defeat both Barca and Manu. Barca already won Inter during group stage and Manu knocked Inter out of the Cup last season. So I can safely said that Inter is not stronger than either of them.

    But the beauty of Cup is this; the best team may not always win… Porto can certainly attest to this philosophy.

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