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US MNT Mission 2010: Agent Adu

Briefing: Agent Adu (aka “Fast Freddy”) has always been a controversial player for the MNT. He came to MLS with much fanfare at a ridiculously young age (well, his actual age was controversial as well) and he established himself as a rising star for the league and the MNT. He is insanely talented and needs to be a cog in the 2010 MNT machine.  

Special Skills: Agent Adu is known best for his creative flair and meticulous passes. He is a great scorer as well, but he is better utlized as an attacking mid who dishes the ball to other players. His dribbling skills are unmatched and his vision on the field is 20/20. While he has had few opportunities since jumping overseas, hopefully that will change.

International Actions: Agent Adu has been a leader through every stage of the youth MNT, so it is only natural that he would emerge as one with the first team. He performed especially well with the U-20 side, and he already has a dozen appearances and a goal with the top squad. He needs more experience playing at the top level to succeed.

Mission: Agent Adu’s mission, should he decide to accept it, is to contribute to the attack for the MNT by rising up and seizing a starting spot on the Mission 2010 team. In order to do so, he must prove to the Director that he can play with a selfless style and use his huge talent to help the team succeed. This message will self-destruct in five seconds.