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US Looks Bad In Loss To Czechs

I know that the US national team is missing some folks, but the Czechs were too.  That also makes it hard to plan for an opponent in a match that REALLY doesn’t mean anything.  I can understand the issues there.  I really can.  However, what are we going to do come World Cup time?  You can’t lose 4-2 to a team that had just as many issues as you did–can you?

This has been my major gripe from the very beginning–it seems like this team is NOT prepared.  I know that there isn’t alot you can do to prep for another team in terms of “offensive sets” unless you’re trying to make up for missing players–but the US looked like a team that got off the plane and met each other for the first time.

Bob Bradley says:

“Tonight was about looking at guys.  We felt going into this game that we still needed to look at some different possibilities and options. Clearly, the [players] that we used tonight were geared towards looking closely at people and using that information along with everything else.”

Let me decode that for you, “We have no idea what we’re doing and this is my excuse for an incredibly pitiful loss.”

“Even though we had height in the back, they were getting better position and coming away with some headers.  So it’s not just pure height in terms of winning those headers. It’s that ability to put yourself in the right spot a little bit before the opponent. So those are things that you only get from playing in matches.”

Once again, I’ll decode.  “We played lazy Soccer.”

“[We had] a lot of energy at times, but a little bit crazy in terms of the collective effort.  It meant that we created some things going forward, and didn’t always do well on the final side. But also in the process of trying to put so much into it, at times we left ourselves wide open.”

One more time.  “This team is lazy.”

This does not bode well for South Africa.