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Uruguay’s World Cup Preview: The Team


Most people do not know this little fact, but Uruguay was the first ever champions of the World Cup and the nation was also the host of the first ever World Cup as well.  The team did win the Cup under much different rules then the current ones (only 13 teams competed), but they also won the title once again in 1950 in Brazil.  After that second victory the club did make it to the semi-finals twice, but they haven’t advanced that far in the tournament since 1970.  In their last five attempts to make the Cup, Uruguay has only made the event twice and haven’t advanced past the second round since that 1970 Cup run.


Uruguay possesses one of the most talented offenses in the World Cup with Deigo Forlan of Atletico Madrid leading the pack.  The club finished with an impressive 28 goals which was the third most in the South America  behind Brazil and Chile this WCQ, but despite the great offensive production the club still had to fight for a berth via the playoffs when the finished in fifth place.  Uruguay did narrowly defeat Costa Rica 2-1 in a two match aggregate victory to advance though.


Uruguay’s most consistent line of winning the Cup is 100 to 1, but some gambling sites are putting them at even lower odds then that.  The club does have the offensive potential to make a considerable run and they do have two beatable opponents in Mexico and South Africa, but the club needs to play up to their potential on defense to have a chance of making it to the final 16 spots.  Forlan has been one of the best forwards in the last few seasons, but the guy needs to prove himself on the global stage against many of the best defenders in the game.  It will likely come down to that match against Mexico for survival.  I think they will end up tied with Mexico, but lose the goal advantage and narrowly miss the second round of the tournament.