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Uruguay’s World Cup Preview: The Debate

The Glass is Half Full

Uruguay will win the World Cup because they have one of the tournament’s most explosive offenses and one of the Cup’s richest histories.  The club was not only the first team to ever win the Cup, but they were also the second team to ever win two titles (behind Italy of course).  Not too shabby for a nation of less then 3 million total people.  And this year they boast one of the most impressive South American offenses including striker Diego Forlan and secondary striker Luis Suarez.  If they can create goals like they did in the WCQ then they should move on to the second round.  And who knows.  Maybe they can become one of the only nations to ever win the event three times.

The Glass is Half Empty

Uruguay will not win the World Cup because they lack a great keeper in between the posts and the last time the nation had a shot of winning the event was in 1950.   Now days there are actually 32 teams that play in the event instead of 13 like there first Cup victory.  Secondly, many of the elite football nations did not play in those early Cups so the competition was much less significant.  Also Uruguay might have a strong offensive upside with Forlan, but the team did come in fifth place in their group this WCQ and they had to narrowly defeat a mediocre team in Costa Rica to earn the honor.  Sure a win is a win and a berth into the Cup is all that they need, but struggling to gain your form in the preliminary rounds doesn’t usually spell success for teams with second tier talent.  Uruguay is underrated, but winning the Cup?  Maybe if you get a time machine Doc Brown.