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Uruguay’s World Cup Preview: Roster Grades

The Keeper

Viera and Castillo will battle it out for the honor of starting goalie.  Either way Uruguay decides to go means that they lack a really solid keeper in the net and this is one of their most suspect units right now.  Usually a solid defensive club, they will have to prove their worth this Cup because the club’s D didn’t play up to their potential in the WCQ.

Grade: C +

The Defense

The defensive unit is pretty strong overall though thanks to many solid defenders including Lugano, Godin, Fucile, and Caceres of Juventus fame.  Uruguay is usually known for their tough, relentless defense, but they were  a little bit inconsistent this WCQ.  They should be a contender to advance though and they did have to battle many of the most potent offenses in the WCQ this season including Brazil and Argentina.

Grade: B

The Midfield

This is definitely the weakest unit of the club and they really lack any star power in the middle of the pitch and on the wings as well.  Hopefully they don’t go too conservative and only play defensive minded midfielders and find a diamond in the rough that can find a way to move it up top to their critical finishers.  The club is hoping that Christian Rodriguez of Porto can be that critical player.

Grade: D +

The Forwards

Diego Forlan is not only the answer to this club’s needs, but the guy is also their only hope of hoisting the Cup this year.  Hopefully the guy can prove his worth on the international stage.  He has been outstanding in La Liga over his career, but he struggled in the Premier League during his brief tenure a few years back.  Luis Suarez is a reliable secondary striker and one of the best players on the team.  Cavani and Abreu aren’t too shabby either, but Forlan is the team’s Teen Wolf up top and needs to shine in that role.

Grade: B+


Uruguay is always an underrated opponent with a great tandem up front that should likely produce goals.  Their midfield is a major concern though and their defense was not as strong as they should have been this WCQ and needs to step up with the level of competition they are facing.  There is a lot of pressure on Forlan to perform and he should give Mexico a run for their money competing for that final 16 spot.

Overall: B –