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United Beat City 3-2 In FA Cup Thriller

Manchester United ended their two game losing streak with a massive 3-2 win over Man City at the Etihad Stadium. Some quick thoughts on the game:

  • Kompany tackle was worthy of a leg card. You cannot slide in with two feet off the ground anymore. Doesn’t matter if he went through Nani or not. You simply cannot tackle that way today.  With Toure away on international duty, City will now miss Kompany for four games, including both legs of the Carling Cup semi-final. A huge loss for City.
  • United were terrific in the first 45 minutes. Maybe the best 45 minutes they have played in weeks. Rooney was all the place and took his first goal really well. Welbeck scored a terrific goal also, and should have actually made it 4-0 right before half-time when her failed to turn in Valencia’s cross
  • I thought United had a chance to go and put five past City today. Yes it was obvious that Fergie pulled back the reigns at half-time but a confident United of the August and September would not have allowed City back into the game
  • Have to give Mancini and City credit for the way they approached the second half. Mancini made the right tactical changes and with a bit of luck City might have snuck an equalizer right at the death
  • Heading into the game, you wondered how the result would impact the title race. Interestingly, City probably came out the game feeling the best, even though they lost, due to their second half comeback
  • Great to see Paul Scholes back in a United shirt again and he got a great reception from the traveling United fans. But is he what United really needs at the moment? Was a great player, with the emphasis on was. United need a world class midfielder, and the fact that Scholes was the first one off the bench today, shows how poor Fergie’s choices are at the moment
  • A lot has been written about Wayne Rooney in the last 48 hours, but his reaction to the goal showed how much it meant to him to score against City.

What did you think of the performance and win?