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Uncertainity over Ronaldinho’s Future

Two time FIFA World Player of the year Ronaldo Moreira De Assis aka Ronaldinho is not sure whether he will be wearing the red and black stripes of the Rossoneri in the new season. Ronaldinho is yet to agree on a contract extension with Milan which as you would guess, is creating a lot of uneasiness amongst the club’s die hard fans.

Dinho was Milan’s brightest player last season and the main reason why the club managed to finish the season in 3rd place. With 12 goals and 14 assists to his name, Ronaldinho led the Rossoneri’s three-pronged attack that often included fellow compatriot Pato and Borriello.

Take away Ronaldinho and his contributions and the Rossoneri would have been lucky to finish in a top ten position. Currently earning 8 million Euros per year, Milan want Ronaldinho to take a pay cut for reasons best known to themselves.

Just to let you know how serious this whole saga is, the club has gone as far as even withdrawing their initial offer after Ronaldinho showed opposition to receiving a pay cut. Milan should realise that Dinho is a world class star and it is only fair that he should get all the extras that come with that title including the money.

With Brazilian club Flamengo and EPL outfit Manchester city keen on landing the Brazilian Virtuoso, Milan will have to choose between letting their key player go or bowing Dinho’s demands. I would go for option two.

Ronaldinho will never be the kind of player he was in Barcelona and the sooner we realise that the better. However, Dinho’s aura is undeniable. There is no other player people want to see on a football pitch more than Ronaldinho and that is a fact.

Even with his current form, Ronaldinho is still able to get past three or four defender easily (tells you a lot about his talent). He is able to change the face of any game (as was evident with Milan in their last Serie A campaign) and of course we cannot forget all his tricks which keep us entertained and inspired to try them out.

My simple advise to Milan is keep Ronaldinho, Invest on quality young players and stand the chance of winning some much needed silverware next season. Anything contract to this, will prove to be their most regrettable mistake ever.

Photo credit: from Nino H