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Unay Emery Hopes Disappointed Valencia Fans Keeps Their Support

Valencia picked up a rather disappointing results in their last three home games, losing two out of their latest three, including the latest one on Wednesday against bottom table, Real Zaragoza, leaving their fans plenty bitterness.

This situation is obviously being acknowledged by El Che’s tactician, Unay Emery, but he still hope that the Mestalla faithful won’t be ditching the club because their support remains an important element for Emery’s team.

Emery admitted that his team have been making several mistakes in their latest home games, leading into the disappointing they’ve been having at Mestalla. However, the tactician believes that the fans connection with his players are something essential which could actually help the team going through recent disappointment and improving their performance at home.

“Sometimes I am the spokesperson and I have no fear to say what others dare not. The union between the team and the crowd can give strength, and we need the fans. I know that we are in a difficult situation; I know we’ve done many things wrong,” Emery said.

Furthermore, the coach also hope that his Valencia side can get far in the Europa League this season as he believes that would be the thing that could get the fans enthusiastic again in supporting them. The coach claimed that he is working hard to make things right and obviously pleasing the fans, who have been pretty demanding, especially since El Che have become a steady top team behind Real Madrid and Barcelona duo for the last few seasons now.

I am convinced that if we reached the final of the Europa League, the fans will be fully mobilized, but to get to that point we need to get some confidence,” Emery added. “Things can go good or bad, but it is my obligation to try to do my best and make things right. Above the personal interests, I have always tried to do the best for Valencia,”

Valencia is sitting at third position at the moment but are only three points clear from fourth and fifth place teams, Levante and Malaga, a dangerous situation indeed for their Champions League campaign. One of the reasons why El Che didn’t have more points above other Champions contenders behind them is because their recent poor home form, which simply cost them some important points. The Mestalla outfit will try to keep their distance this weekend by getting all three points against Getafe, which wont be an easy task.