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Two Knockout Matches Set in Stone

2010 World Cup Wallpaper BrownArgentina-Mexico

Argentina is one of the Cup favorites and after three matches it is hard to say any single team looks the part more then Maradona’s side.  Messi is not the finisher, but the distributor this summer and the team has a plethora of brilliant goal scorers.  3-0 to start to the Cup and one of the few teams that was able to achieve nine total points.  Possibly the most talented team offensively and their only real weakness is a mediocre keeper and the beneficial draw in an easy group.    

Mexico has a nice concotion of youth and experience this Cup and like several in a row the team is heading to the second round via the second place finish behind Uruguay.  They had one of the slower starts in the WCQ, but were among the most impressive teams down the stretch.  They’ve been known to destroy teams hopes (like France), but their only weakness is the lack of a definitive starting eleven.  This of course means they have decent depth though.

Final Prediction: Argentina 2-0  

Uruguay-South Korea

Uruguay is considered a blast from the past on the international level, but with Diego Forlan hitting his prime perhaps a new Golden Era is on the horizon?  A strong defensive effort is key so far and the team impressed with a seven point total following the first round.  They didn’t wow people in the WCQ, but they do play in one of the toughest qualifying groups in the world.  There biggest weakness is their lack of experienced players on this stage of the World Cup.

South Korea is in my opinion the first example of a Cinderella Story at the World Cup knockout stages.  I have yet to see a single critic that picked the Asian country to advance and I personally had them in the fourth seed.  They won the winnable matches though and survived Group B alongside Argentina (who easily beat them).  I would be shocked to see them advance past the second round because once you get to these stages of the tournament talent begins to heavily outweigh heart.  But you never know.

Final Prediction: Uruguay 2-1  

Creative Commons License photo credit: Shine 2010 – 2010 World Cup good news